Reduced chance of C-section
Reduces epidural use
Reduces painkiller use
Reduces duration of labor
Reduces use of forceps
Reduces use of vacuum extraction
Reduces chances of health complications and hospitalizations
of baby
Reduces chance of maternal fever
Reduces chance of maternal infection
Reduces maternal bleeding following birth
Increases chances of successful breastfeeding
Reduces incidence of postpartum depression
Reduces levels of anxiety
Results in a more positive birth experience
Mothers feel in more control
Increases chances of spontaneous vaginal delivery
Mothers feel more secure
Mothers have a higher regard and increased sensitivity
towards baby
Start your childbirth experience
out in the most positive way,
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The birth experience is one that is remembered by the mother
for her entire life and empowers her sense of self and
strengthens her ability to mother her newborn baby. The
value of labor support to mother and family emotionally has
the greatest lasting effect. This support will forever remain a
memory of her birth experience. When a woman gives birth
with more power and knowledge, she is more likely to have a
fonder memory of her experience."

Women tend to cope better, relax more, cooperate with
treatment, describe their babies more positively, have a more
positive recall of their birth experience and adjust to the
postpartum period better when they receive sensitive, caring
support during their labors
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