Have a shorter and easier
birth with the Spinning
Babies Technique!
How can birth be easier and shorter, rather than harder?  An
expectant mother's work is to dilate her cervix.  Babies work is to
rotate in mother's pelvis. Why not "help" your baby spin with certain
postures and activities, utilizing the "Spinning Babies Technique"!

While waiting for birth, babies settle into one of several possible
positions.  Some of these positions can and do lead to increased
cesarean sections even when a baby is head down!

By utilizing movement and gravity, I can help you settle your baby into
the ideal position for a shorter, easier and less painful birth!

Fewer complications will arise and fewer cesarean sections will happen
when mother's and their caregivers utilize the awesome Spinning Babies

I have taken this specialized training and have used the technique
successfully with many of my clients! Ask me for more information!  
VERY FEW DOULAS have actual training in this very special method for
turning posterior babies, and I was very fortunate to have received this
great training!

Please visit:  www.spinningbabies.com for more information on this
amazing technique!