Innovative Childbirth Services-
What is a virtual doula?  And how can it
help with the birth of your baby?  Would
you like pregnancy and birth support but
think you can't afford it?

Many parents face uncertain financial
times when planning for the birth of their
baby and often times, hiring a doula is not
a priority due to finances.  However, I
truly believe in the many benefits and
advantages in having someone to
support you in late pregnancy and early
labor, so I am offering this new and
innovative service to help support families
and make doula support a reality for

This service is also ideal for couples who
want a more "intimate" experience, feeling
more comfortable with just mom and dad
present for the actual birth.


On-call support from 34-weeks of
pregnancy up to 2 weeks postpartum via
text, email, phone and Skype

On-call support from 37-weeks to birth for
text, emails, phone support and Skype

An initial in-home consultation to get to
know you and your partner and help
review your birth preferences

Phone availability during the birth to
answer questions and help with birth

One postpartum visit for breastfeeding

Call Lorraine @ 714-624-3495 for more
questions on virtual doula!