Epidurals and Doulas? Do I
need a doula with an
One question that I am frequently asked by my
prospective clients is "do I still need a doula if I am
having an epidural?"
The answer is a resounding YES!

The relief of pain does not obviate all other
emotional distress and anxiety during the labor
process.  There are still very real concerns about
the welfare of your baby, length of your labor, fear
of the return of pain if the epidural wears off, fear
and anticipation of the approaching second stage of
labor, fear or alterations in body image and loss of
dignity during childibrth, among many others.  All of
these are still very valid sources of anxiety, even in
the presence of a well-functioning epidural.  Also, in
most hospitals, a laboring woman is expected to
spend at least some amount of time in early labor
prior to receiving their epidural and continued labor
support during this time of "waiting" for your
epidural is very important!

Continued emotional support and reassurance
provided by a professionally trained and certified
doula is invaluable to women receiving epidurals,
given these circumstances!  If you are considering
using epidural analgesia, a doula can still be of great
value to and your partner during labor!