What is a Zumbini Class?

-It is a 45-minute music and movement experience, which
is developmentally appropriate for the age range of the
class, and
every moment is a musical opportunity!
-Designed for children 0-4 years old with a caregiver
-Includes dancing, singing, and playing instruments
-Provides exposure to music and all of its benefits
-A bonding experience for all involved, including caregiver
to child, child to child, and caregiver to caregiver.  The
bonding ocurs with the facilitation of having a fun, musical
-Is filed with many original songs, created by Zumba
Fitness specifically for this class format.
-Filled with fresh, contemporary ideas, Zumbini stays
responsive to current needs and trends of society.
-Focuses on energy, fun,and play to contribute toward the
natural develoipment of cognitive, social, emotional and
physical skills.

Classes begin January 2017!  Please visit www.zumbini.com
to register for classes!  Call Lorraine at 714-624-3495 if you
have any trouble locating my class at the site, I will send
you a direct link to register!