What is a Perinatal Support
I am often asked this question by my clients. They want to know what the difference
is between a doula and a perinatal support specialist.

A doula is primarily trained from an emotional perspective, providing essential
emotional as well as hands on physical support and coping techniques as the woman
responds to her labor.

As a PSS (Perinatal Support Specialist) I will take the role of a doula, but expand on
it.  I will offer my time, energy and knowledge to provide the emotional and physical
support, however I will implement these skills with a much broader and more
thorough knowledge of the technical processes and concerns that the medical team is
evaluating and preparing to implement, in the event that complications do occur.

The medical knowledge base of a PSS is not intended to rival or conflict with the
attending nurse, midwife or physician's evaluation of the situation. However, it is
intended to better equip the PSS to intelligently recommend appropriate alternative
therapies at the times of collaberation and, because of an understanding of the medical
team's point of view, be able to be the best advocate for the patient.

The Birth Wisdom Perinatal Support Specialist training program is an "Advanced
Doula Training" program.  We utilized graduate level nursing textbooks in our training
and the midwifery model of care to provide a balanced source of education and skills
to our clients. As a Perinatal Support Specialist, I am also trained to interpret the fetal
monitoring strip.

Please visit www.birthwisdom.com for more information on this awesome training!